The Department of Biotechnology is developing a range of advanced systems for providing mobile analysis and diagnostic systems for on-the-spot use, mainly immunoassays in various formats and in combination with different reading techniques.

INTER-ARRAY® is specialized in the development and production of microarrays. The term microarray stands for modern biochemical assay systems that allow the parallel analysis of many individual determinations in a small amount of biological sample material. Microarrays consist of a large number of spots, which are exactly defined by high-precision ultra-low volume dispensing systems on a suitable surface. Equipped with different state-of-the-art spotting technologies, INTER-ARRAY® supports customers with an exclusive microarray printing service, from the design of the arrays to data analysis. INTER-ARRAY® provides also solutions for the development and validation of multi-parameter assays for all applications in diagnostics and life sciences. For this all-round service the best price and performance ratio, short production times and excellent quality are offered.

For 25 years we also have been dealing with the production, modification and application of bacterial cellulose. We are one of the largest producers of biocellulose in Europe and distribute our products worldwide.

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INTER-ARRAY® - the microarray division of fzmb GmbH
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BioCellulose - for cosmetical and medical applications
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