cell biology

The Cell Biology working group develops various cell biological and diagnostic techniques for wide adoption in subsequent industrial application.
Field of activity:
• Imaging Cytometry via Immunocapture - microscopy for detection and analysis of   microorganisms and rare cells
• Matrixmetalloproteinases as biomarkers
  (MMP-9 for the diagnostic of joint diseases in horses)
• Development of particle-based detection for the rapid analysis of antibodies
• in vitro generation of human monoclonal antibodies on the base of dendritic cells

• Inactivation of bacteria
• Botulinumtoxin: detection and assay-development
• MMP-9-analysis for diagnostic of horses diseases

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Head of Department
Dr. Ina-Gabriele Richter

fzmb GmbH, Research Centre of Medical Technology and Biotechnology
Geranienweg 7
D-99947 Bad Langensalza / Germany
Phone: +49 (0)3603 833 177
Fax: +49 (0)3603-833 150
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