animal clinic

Veterinary Medicine & Research
Areas of the veterinary clinic:
• Veterinary Clinic for Horses
• Practice for small animals
• cattle practice

• cartilage-joints-movement
• Air , lung, performance
• Tumortherapie

Scientists at the veterinary clinic are engaged in topics in the fields of orthopedic and internal medicine for 15 years. The orthopedic topics are focused on the development of novel methods for the treatment of lesions of the hyaline articular cartilage. Pulmonary function diagnosis in small and large mammals, the use of exhaled breath for diagnosis and studying the performance of sports horses are main issues in the field of internal medicine. The development and evaluation of novel approaches for the treatment of tumor diseases was started ten years ago. A therapy based on the use of dendritic cells as well as protocols for photodynamic therapy were developed.


Animal Clinic
Director: Dr. Dirk Barnewitz
Research: Dr. Carmen Klein

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