Food labelling within 2 seconds

Process control by near infrared spectroscopy for the food industry
Mylab is a high precision device for real-time quality control of meat, meat products, and cheese, that helps our customers to maintain consistent product quality. Mylab ensures customers high level of quality during entire production process. The contactless non-destructive measurement is carried out within seconds. There are no chemicals needed.

Meat and sausage products: a total of 21 parameters, this includes:
- BIG 7 according to EU regulation 1169/2011
- pH-value
- aW-value
- MPDCP (meat protein devoid of connective tissue protein)
- MPDCP in Meat Protein
- added water by FederĀ“s coefficient
- and more
The basic calibration contains the following product groups: fresh meat, raw -, boiled- and cooked sausage from beef and pork.

- fat content
- moisture
- protein
- fat in dry matter
The basic calibration contains the following product groups: harz cheese, sliced cheese, and sour milk quark.

Mylab is able to analyze inhomogeneous samples due to its large field of view. A sample rotator is not necessary. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Our customers are enabled to manage their products and product groups. You can export your results from the database and import customized calibrations. Mylab weighs only 5 kg (11 lb) and has a base of 24 cm x 33 cm. Due to the small size and light weight mylab can be applicated almost everywhere.

Your benefits:
- 21 relevant parameters within few seconds
- low price
- small size and light weight = flexible
- no use of chemicals
- easy to use software saves money
- cost-effective customization on your products


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