Projects, where affine organic ligands (in particular antibodies) are created, modified, immobilized and used in technical applications (analysis, bio-processing technology), are summarized under this acronym ("bio-affine application systems").

2.1. Bio-affine ligands:
The institute operates a laboratory in which monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for different applications (immunoassays, affinity chromatography, immuno-magnetic separation) are developed and produced. Moreover, the FZMB is involved in generating antibodies in vitro.
2.2. Modification and immobilization : In In cooperation with the FSU Jena (Prof. Heinze) at the FZMB was established a novel technique of coupling proteins via polysaccharides. It is the basis for the production of key components for technical applications (bio-chips, chromatography material and magnetic particle or color particle conjugates).
2.3. Biological analysis: At the FZMB, different binding assays in conventional (ELISA, test strips) and novel lab-on-a-chip formats (immunofiltration) are developed (see also POCT).
2.4. Bio-processing techniques: Since biological ligands have a high specificity, they are ideal tools for resource extraction from complex biological matrices. At the FZMB, a series of works are carried out to develop this potential for technically relevant processing processes (immunofiltration, monolithic chromatography, immunomagnetic separation).


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