Cartilage, Joints, movement

Starting point of the work is the veterinary medicine, more precisely joint diseases in the horse. The strategic objective is to provide novel diagnostic methods for the evaluation of degenerative processes in the joint and new therapeutic approaches for cartilage regeneration. The thereby developed approaches are not limited to the veterinary medicine and initiate a series of cooperation projects with focus on human medicine.

3.1. Cartilage diagnostics: Based on classic gait analysis in the horse, new methods were and will be developed to objectify cartilage damages using NIR spectroscopy (endoscopy) and immunoassays (e.g. matrix metalloproteinase 9).
3.2. Cartilage regeneration: At the Institute a method to create three-dimensional scaffold-free cartilage constructs and a new surgical method based on paste-like cartilage implants have been established successfully in an animal model.
3.3. Cartilage model: Based on the work on scaffold-free cartilage constructs, a novel in vitro test method for use in clinical trials has been established.


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