“Point-of-Care-Testing” (POCT)

“Point-of-Care-Testing (POCT)” is a modern trend in medical diagnostics, which aim is to provide a fast on-site analysis based on small portable analyzers to avoid logistical and technical problems raised by centralized diagnostics. The Institute develops such decentralized testing concepts as well as appropriate equipment and test kits for use in veterinary medicine and human medicine. In addition, these technologies are also used to provide innovative solutions for food control and in-process control in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes.

4.1. Immunochromatography: At the Institute, a series of rapid tests for the detection of inflammation markers, cardiac markers, toxins and infections (viruses, microorganisms) as well as in the classic test strip format ("lateral flow") were established in the micro-column format (ABICAP). Thus, synergies with BIOAFFINAS can be used efficiently to develop product innovations for and with industry partners.
4.2. Lab-on-a-chip: Micro-structured analysis chips are used for the realization of complex analysis processes in particular in POCT-situations for several years. They represent a further development of the rapid tests according to 4.1. The FZMB is dealing with appropriate technological solutions.
4.3. IMS: With the ion mobility spectroscopy volatile substances are detected quickly and efficiently using small portable devices. The FZMB develops applications in the fields of veterinary medicine (respiratory gas analysis) and food analysis.
4.4. NIR: : A portable spectrometer for industrial use was developed at the Institute. In addition to traditional applications in the meat industry (determination of fat, water protein, BEFFE) more applications in the field of process control (yeast, granulation) are addressed.
4.5. SPC: The solid phase cytometry is an innovative fast method for the detection of cells. It is particularly suitable when a few cells have to be detected in large volumes.


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