about us

The Research Center for Medical Technology and Biotechnology (fzmb) is a non-profit limited liability company. Our headquarters in Bad Langensalza is located 30 km west of the Thuringian capital Erfurt. As a research institution close to business, we are an important player between applied science and exploiting industry.

Our research and development of processes and products aims to be close to the application. In this way, we focus on rapid implementation options in the market.

Our focus is on the following areas

  • Immunological test methods for in-house and laboratory use
  • Multiparameter analysis and high precision dispensing
  • Bioconjugation and surface modification
  • new therapies for horses and zoo animals
  • Laboratory analysis for food, cosmetics and environmental samples

The fzmb GmbH is a founding member of the Zuse Association as well as the Research and Technology Association Thuringia (FTVT).


  • Founded on 28.06.1994 as a non-profit association
  • until 04.95 Establishment phase in Bad Langensalza, Geranienweg 7 with the main areas of expertise: Veterinary clinic, food testing, equipment development and biotechnology
  • from 1995 processing of research projects / funding by BMWI and TMWAI
  • since 1995 services in biotechnology, veterinary clinic, equipment development, food testing and diagnostics
  • with approx. 100 employees, fzmb becomes one of the largest employers in the region
  • Expansion of research in the fields of cell biology and in vitro diagnostics
  • 2007 Foundation of the fzmb GmbH with the F√∂rderverein fzmb e.V. as shareholder
  • the fzmb is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015
  • the food laboratory is accredited by DAkkS