Ultrathin & ultralight

Natural skin feeling

Our BioCellulose produced at the Bad Langensalza site (Thuringia) is a pure natural material. It is significantly purer than plant cellulose and consists of a stable mesh of ultra-thin fibers that adapt perfectly to any skin contour. The masks are particularly light and transparent and therefore even interesting for customers who have not used fleece masks so far.

BioCellulose as active ingredient carrier

In its meshwork of millions of fine fibers, BioCellulose stores cosmetic active ingredient solutions for the treatment and care of the skin. Due to the optimal adaptation to the skin surface, the active ingredient molecules are specifically delivered to the skin and very good cosmetic results are achieved.


Highly transparent and effective mask in the beauty salon or at home

German BioCellulose Cosmetics masks are incredibly light and thin. As a result, they lie almost invisibly on the face. The application of the masks is very simple. The carrier material used allows easy application of the BioCellulose to the skin. The two mask parts allow adjustment to any face size. Due to the extremely good adhesion of the BioCellulose to the surface of the face, the client has a high degree of freedom of movement during the treatment.

Ideal combination with apparative treatment methods

The ultra-thin BioCellulose masks provide a unique basis for combination with apparative treatment methods. The material of the masks allows, in addition to an optimal release of active ingredients, a perfect transfer of the physical effects to positively influence regeneration processes of the skin and stimulate metabolic processes.


Private Label Manufacturer

As German BioCellulose Cosmetics we act as a contract manufacturer for the production of cosmetic masks according to customer requirements. Our BioCellulose is biotechnologically extracted from glucose in Germany and processed into masks. We impregnate the masks with our customers’ active ingredients or provide a product formulation. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of active ingredients.

Research and development

You have an idea? We implement you. The production of samples is part of our service offer. With our own laboratories, our competent chemists, biologists and laboratory technicians can offer comprehensive research and development services.


We have been producing BioCellulose at the highest level for 20 years. Our experienced team works to produce high quality products to exacting standards. The GMP-compliant production is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. The product is dermatologically tested and is manufactured entirely in Germany. We guarantee fast order processing.


Dr. Ina-Gabriele Richter

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