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  • Animal health
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  • Imaging AI-based processes
  • Food, nutrition, water and cosmetics

What does the support for start-ups look like?

Contact us without obligation. As a research institute with close ties to the economy, we can provide you with active and professional support in bringing your product or process to market maturity in a short time. The support of the state of Thuringia within the framework of the gs2g competition offers itself for the financing of this project.

Start-up Schadinis wins at the gs2g competition 2023

Schandinis and fzmb develop next expansion stage

In Germany alone, approximately 500,000 t of frozen potato products are produced annually. First of all, these are French fries, croquettes and potato dumplings. The production process involves pre-frying or pre-baking and subsequent blast freezing and deep-freeze storage until the actual use. Increased prices for energy and frying oils have dramatically increased manufacturing costs. This is accompanied by price increases for the consumer.

Schadinis around founder Matthias Schade, based in Gotha/ Boilstädt, has developed a process in which the manufacture of these products can be carried out in a significantly more energy-efficient manner. In addition, the consumer receives a product that is not only healthier, but also tastes better. Funded by the gs2g competition, Schadinis and the fzmb are now developing the next stage of expansion.

Winning photo g2sg competition 2023 with founder Matthias Schade (left) and the Managing Director of fzmb Dr. Jan Heise (right).
Photo: Steffen Beikirch