Gender Equality

equal opportunity scheme

More women in science and research, fewer gender gaps in the labor market, more inclusion, more balanced gender participation in different sectors of the economy, and other equality initiatives – the European Union wants to achieve all of these.

To ensure that there are fewer gender-related differences and more balanced participation of the sexes in science and research, fzmb GmbH pursues the following strategy:

1. Analysis phase

fzmb GmbH collects gender-disaggregated data and critically evaluates procedures, processes, and practices to uncover gender inequalities and biases;

2. Planning phase

The fzmb GmbH defines goals, sets targets and decides on actions and measures to remedy the identified problems, allocates resources and responsibilities and agrees on time schedules;

3. Implementation phase

The fzmb GmbH carries out activities and provides stakeholder communication to gradually expand the network of stakeholders;

4. Monitoring phase

fzmb GmbH regularly tracks and evaluates the process and progress. The results of the monitoring activities then enable it to adjust and improve the measures so that it can optimize its results.

Bad Langensalza in June 2022

Dr. Jan Heise, Managing Director