Rapid determination of the immune status

Project Resistovac

Together with strong partners from science and industry, we develop new test formats for rapid translation into the market.

In order to quickly and efficiently get health and healthy living topics from research to application, we have been working in theInfectognostics network, among others.

In the Resistovac project, we are developing a test format that can be used to rapidly assess the vaccination status of humans and animals. In this way, we aim to make a decisive contribution to the prevention of infectious diseases worldwide.

The project aims to develop an open multiparameter platform for lateral flow and microarray testing. These tests are intended to enable rapid detection of the immunological host response on the one hand and determination of bacterial resistance factors (beta-lactamases, ESBL and carbapenemases) in doctors’ practices and clinics on the other.

As a first major success, the interdisciplinary team was able to develop a test that simultaneously analyzes human vaccination status. The results were published in Scientfic Reports (PDF).